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Heather Graham
Esther was chosen by God "for such a time as this". We consider how God has created us and chosen each of us for his purposes.
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  • Recorded: 02/05/2021
  • Length: 9 minutes
Melvyn Bleakley
We continue our journey with Nehemiah, looking at qualities that we need to keep going as we embark on new projects
Nehemiah Gettign Going, keeping going.m4a
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  • Recorded: 25/04/2021
  • Length: 9 minutes
  • Reference: Nehemiah 2:9-20
Heather Graham
We start a series on Nehemiah today. Looking at his example of prayer and reliance on God as stepped up to carry out what God called him to. In the same way God can encourage and guide us as we step into our vision.
Nehemiah Daring Greatly.m4a
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  • Recorded: 18/04/2021
  • Length: 13 minutes
  • Reference: Nehemiah 1:1-2:8
Naomi Graham
Naomi talks about Living God's love in the community and share stories of how Growing Hope enables this to happen
Living Gods love in our community - Naomi Graham.m4a
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Heather Graham
Darkness into Light
Easter Sunday.m4a
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Melvyn Bleakley
Maundy Thursday.m4a
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Ian Fishwick
Palm Sunday.m4a
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Heather Graham
We come to the end of our Sermon on the Mount series, Ask, Seek, Knock, and think about our own commitment to God for the days ahead and also where God might be leading us as a church.
Committment Sunday.m4a
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Heather Graham
We look at the mothering side of God, who wants to walk with us and comfort us at all times, when we allow him in.
Mothering Sunday 2021.m4a
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Kent Anderson
Kent gives a child friendly look at the healing of Naaman, which also helps us to look at how God works in and through the different character in this story.
Naaman's healing.m4a
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M4A Audio 11.0MB (12:05)
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  • Recorded: 07/03/2021
  • Length: 12 minutes
  • Reference: 2 Kings 5:1-16