Daily Bible Reading and Prayer 

As a church we have found it helpful to be reading the same bible passages and praying for one particular area each day. 

Through the Summer term we have been reading the book of  Acts, then some of Paul's letters, together and learning from the first disciples. As we move into the Autumn term we will be starting to read some of the Old Testament together, focussing on different Characters from the Old Testament.

You can download a booklet of readings and prayers For the Autumn Term here 

Each day I suggest you read the passage for the day using the Lectio Divina method set out below. If you feel God is saying something to you that is an encouragement for the whole church then you could post it on our WhatsApp group or St James’ facebook page or email to our church group.
Each day you will see there is also a suggested topic for prayer and a prayer from common worship to finish.
Lectio Divina:

  • Read the passage through twice slowly and carefully. Notice any particular verses that stand out.
    • You might like to put yourself in the shoes of different people in the passage, imagine what they might be thinking and feeling.
  • Meditate on any verses that have particularly stood out for you.
  • Pray. What do you want to say to the Lord in response to the Word spoken to you? Enter into this loving conversation with God.
  • Contemplate. Rest in Gods presence. 
  • Action. Note down anything you feel God is saying to you today.



Heather Graham, 23/03/2020