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Church Leadership

Revd. Alison Finch is the Team Vicar for St James, Downley, Missioner & Town Centre Chaplain based at All Saints Church, In the Wycombe Team Ministry.

Rev Alison Finch

Hi, I’m the Vicar at St James at least for 50% of my time. The other 50% of my working life, I lead Wycombe Workplace Chaplaincy, which is a group of trained people that go into workplaces throughout High Wycombe. We give pastoral care and a listening ear to the staff. However, I don’t let that stop me doing what I want to achieve in Downley.

As a Church we worship together, pray together and socialise together. It’s hard work attimes and lots of fun, but it’s worth it!

As you can see by the website we have lots of events and special services that are comingup, it would be great to see some new faces in church. You will, I promise, get a very warmwelcome.

If you need someone to speak to about Christenings, Weddings, Banns or a funeral, pleaseget in touch and we can arrange a time to meet. Or indeed if you just want someone toshare a problem with just give me a call. The Church is there to show the love of God, and in our own way at St James, the congregation and I hope and pray that we are doing just that.

May God Bless you.
Rev. Alison Finch.

Tel: 01494 5242213
Email: chaplain@alisonfinch.com

Like all other Church of England congregations, we have a structure which reflects the necessary partnership between the priest and the congregation.

Joining our priest is a number of people and groups with specific roles:

Church Wardens
Our two church wardens are voted in by the congregation anually. Their role is crucial and rooted in Church Law. They represent the congregation on the Parochial Church Council and work closely with Clergy to initially discuss our mission and ministry. The role of church warden is involved and involving but it shouldn’t ever mean that the warden is the person who does everything that needs doing. When it comes to active involvement in the life of the church, we should be doing our best to encourage as wide a sharing of responsibilities as possible, just as Jesus did among his apostles. Clergy and the church wardens meet once a month.

The Mission Team
Members of this team were prayerfully handpicked to represent different interests and activities within the life of the church. There are individuals concerned with children’s ministry, healing and wholeness, church attendance, buildings and maintenance, music…etc. The team comes up with new initiatives and take these forward for consideration by the Parochial Church Council, our executive body. The Mission Team meets once every
6-8 weeks.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC)
Every organisation needs a solid group of wise and trusted individuals to oversee and guide its work. The church is no exception. Our PCC is made up from members of the congregation who have been voted in to work with the priest on all matters concerning the inner and outer life of the church. The PCC makes the decisions which truly have an impact on the church, and our work in the community. It meets around four times per year.

St James’ also takes its place in the wider life of High Wycombe Team Ministry, Wycombe Deanery and the Diocese of Oxford.